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Ensuring the Integrity and Beauty of Your Oregon Coast Retreat

Welcome to Coastal Home Guard

At Coastal Home Guard, we specialize in protecting your second home from the harsh climate conditions of the Oregon Coast.  Our comprehensive evaluation of your property's health is specifically designed for second homeowners on the Oregon Coast, focusing on preserving your property's condition and ensuring it's always ready for your next visit.


Comprehensive Evaluation of your  property’s health

Leveraging high-tech, state-of-the-art Thermal Imaging cameras and Moisture Meters, our comprehensive inspections identify potential issues before they become costly repairs. Our expert team ensures your home  remains in top condition, offering you peace of mind wherever you are.


Tailored to Your Needs

- Cutting-Edge Technology: Utilizing Thermal Imaging and Moisture Meters for detailed inspections.
- Customizable Inspections: Services designed to meet the unique needs of your coastal property.
- Expert Recommendations: Actionable insights with detailed reports and high-resolution images.
- Preventative Maintenance: Proactive care to maintain your home’s value and prevent repairs.
- Vetted list of contractors and handymen: Hands-on repair and maintenance monitoring ensures the work is done appropriately and on time.


Conducted for Oregon Coast Second Homeowners

Dedicated to serving those who value their coastal retreats, Coastal Home Guard is committed to preserving the legacy of your coastal home, ensuring it remains a sanctuary for your family’s cherished moments.

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